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 Resident Evil 4

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Hikari Master
Hikari Master

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PostSubject: Resident Evil 4   Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:32 am

Resident Evil 4 RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part01.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part02.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part03.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part04.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part05.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part06.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part07.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part08.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part09.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part10.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part11.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part12.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part13.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part14.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part15.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part16.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part17.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part18.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part19.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part20.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part21.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part22.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part23.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part24.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part25.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part26.rar RE4_Patched_1.1.0.part27.rar

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Community Patch
The appearance of game is improved by replacing of textures, models and videos to the more qualitative. Added some effects like depth of field, motion blur, bloom etc.
Download Patch :
To install the patch just locate the game folder in the installation menu. RE4UCP.part01.rar RE4UCP.part02.rar RE4UCP.part03.rar RE4UCP.part04.rar RE4UCP.part05.rar RE4UCP.part06.rar RE4UCP.part07.rar RE4UCP.part08.rar RE4UCP.part09.rar RE4UCP.part10.rar RE4UCP.part11.rar RE4UCP.part12.rar RE4UCP.part13.rar RE4UCP.part14.rar RE4UCP.part15.rar RE4UCP.part16.rar RE4UCP.part17.rar RE4UCP.part18.rar RE4UCP.part19.rar RE4UCP.part20.rar RE4UCP.part21.rar RE4UCP.part22.rar RE4UCP.part23.rar RE4UCP.part24.rar RE4UCP.part25.rar RE4UCP.part26.rar RE4UCP.part27.rar RE4UCP.part28.rar RE4UCP.part29.rar RE4UCP.part30.rar RE4UCP.part31.rar RE4UCP.part32.rar RE4UCP.part33.rar RE4UCP.part34.rar RE4UCP.part35.rar RE4UCP.part36.rar
And here is the MouseAim v2.1 patch to use the mouse in game. MouseAim21.rar

sumber : kakagames

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Hikari Newbie
Hikari Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4   Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:39 am

waduuh,,makasi oom...
langsung menuju TKP daaah...

btw itu game untuk PC yaah, bukan Nintendo Wii... Cuman gambarnya dowang yang Wii... pig
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Hikari Newbie
Hikari Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4   Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:55 pm


sedooott bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Resident Evil 4   

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Resident Evil 4
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